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Add or Upgrade Licenses

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Add or Upgrade Licenses

Adding Licenses Vs Upgrading Licenses

There is a big difference between adding and upgrading a license. If you add a license when trying to upgrade you will not be eligible for a refund so please read the following carefully.

Adding a license means you want to keep what you have + 1. Upgrading a license means you want to take an existing subscription and add features to it or extend the length of time you subscribe for. Please review the chart below to see the difference between upgrading and adding licenses.

Add Licenses

Upgrade Licenses

Where to do itThe regular subscription pricing pageYour account subscriptions page. (specific instructions below)
Applies toApplies to all purchases made for any product. When you simply purchase a new license, it is added to your account.Applies when upgrading from a monthly subscription to annual.
What happensYour total number of licenses increases. All old subscriptions remain in tact. No refunds or credits are given for any reason.Your original subscription is replaced by the annual subscription. A discount is applied to the new subscription to give you credit for time left on your last payment.

Upgrading a Subscription

As of April 5, 2019, upgrades are only allowed to Insomniac Ultimate. You can upgrade the following:

  1. A monthly License to Insomniac Ultimate
  2. An Annual License to Insomniac Ultimate
  3. An Insomniac Ultimate subscription from a shorter length to a longer length.

Upgrades that are NOT possible:

  1. Upgrade an Insomniac Monthly to an Insomniac Annual – annual no longer exists, only Ultimate.
  2. Upgrade anything to Edge. Edge no longer exists, only Ultimate.
  3. Downgrade to shorter terms or fewer licenses. (You would need to cancel your existing license and re-subscribe).

To upgrade:

  1. Go to your Account (Log in with the username that purchased the original subscription).
  2. Click the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Find the subscription you want to upgrade and click the upgrade button.
  4. Select the number of licenses you want and the term. This page will display the full price, but your pro-rated amount will show on the next page.
  5. Go to the checkout page and you will see the amount that you pay now, which will just be adjusted to account for payments you’ve already made but not fully used, and then you will see the full recurring amount that will be charged a year from today.
  6. Complete checkout. 

Add New Licenses to Your Account

To add licenses you can simply click ‘Pricing‘ at the top of any page on our site and complete checkout for the product you want. Prices are displayed after you select a quantity and term.

Please note that old grandfathered rates do not apply to new licenses. We strongly recommend that you log in with your “main account” before making the purchase. Making all purchases from the same account will make your life easier down the road. 

All new licenses are always at the current price.

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