Welcome to Insomniac!

Insomniac is a multi-session browser which genuinely cares about your privacy. It is easy to set up different sessions for each tab, allowing you maximum privacy when shopping online. We designed Insomniac to user friendly, you do not need to be technically inclined. Insomniac also has extensions like proxy per tab, advanced timers, email switching and sticky notes which help you accomplish more tasks!

Insomniac is the best multi-session browser on the market today and has been for over a decade. Join us today and get the benefits of one of the most experienced teams on the planet. We offer extensive documentation and lightning-fast support responses to help get you started and use the browser regularly.

Insomniac Browser is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Appleā€™s Mac OS. We offer support by email, but most questions can be answered by accessing our support portal.