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Was I double charged or charged twice?

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Was I double charged or charged twice?

It’s not likely that you were double charged. However, we often get this question from people for two reasons.


When you pay with PayPal, if you have a zero balance in your PayPal account (or do not have enough to cover your payment), PayPal will pull the funds from whatever backup funding method you have – usually a credit card or bank account.

Because they do this, the charge will show on both your credit card statement AND your PayPal statement. It does not mean you were charged twice – just that both PayPal and your credit card have a line item for the transaction.

Multiple Licenses

Some users subscribe for more than one license. In many cases, these subscriptions were created separately and therefore there are two transactions. This is not a double charge, but a two legitimate transactions.

If you find that you have multiple subscriptions and do not want all of them, you should cancel the one you do not want right away. There are no refunds for any subscriptions since the responsibility for cancelling falls on you.

But why would I ever want two licenses?!

A very large percentage of our users actually have multiple licenses. The only way our system knows how many you want / need is by you controlling the subscriptions and subscribing, upgrading and cancelling according to your needs. Because this is entirely up to you and you have the power to do this whenever you want, through your account, there are no refunds if you have subscribed for more than you want. You can always use your extra licenses or lend or lease it to someone else, but there are no refunds.

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