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Timers and VWR Indicators

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Timers and VWR Indicators


There are two Timer Extensions. Basic Timers and the premium extension Advanced Timers which is available as part of the Edge Membership or as an individual extension. The timers extension looks like this:

What’s the Difference?

  1. Basic Timers lets you track timers on any three sites you want.
  2. Advanced timers lets you track ANY timers on as many sites as you want.
  3. Advanced timers also has VWR status indicators on the tabs.

VWR Indicators

These work out of the box. The indicators will show as colored bars on top of each of your tabs showing you the status for each of those tabs. The go from gray to purple to red the closer you get to the front of the line. Once you get to 10 people in front of you or lower, you will also see the tab turn red in the Century View Sidebar. This makes it easy for you to click the red tabs to make these active.

Here is a list of exactly what each color means.

Light gray – In VWR > 2000
Dark gray – 1,000-2,000 in line
Purple – 100-999 in line
Reddish Purple – 10-99 in line
Red – Less than 10 in line or in. Red is your goal color.

Timers Indicators

Timers need to be set by you for each page you are on. To show them follow the instructions below. Here is a list of what they mean:

Green – more than 2 minutes before timer expires
Yellow – 1-2 minutes
Red – Less than 1 minute – these red tabs need immediate attention

Set Up Timers

You have to do a little set up with Timers. It requires that you tell the browser, one time each, which timers you want to track. If one site has four different timers (for example one on the cart page, one on the checkout page and one on the log in page) you will need to set each timer once. Here’s how you do it.

  1. If you see a timer, but it’s not being tracked, click the Timers icon* in your extension toolbar. (Pictures below)
  2. Click ‘Pick Element’. This tells the extension you are about to select a timer you want to track.
  3. Click directly on the timer on your page. 
  4. If it only selects the minutes OR the seconds, but not both, go back to the dialog box and click ‘Expand Selection’. This should highlight both the minutes and the seconds. 
  5. When the minutes and seconds are both highlighted, click “Confirm”.
  6. Once you click confirm, settings for the page type you are on are complete, but most sites require that you set more than one timer.  Basically, whenver you see a timer that’s not being tracked, just run the settings steps.
  7. You’ll need to do this on each computer you use the browser on, but we’ve crated and import and export so you can export the file and mail it to your friends or colleagues. They just click import and import the settings.

Sharing Timers Settings

We’ve made setting timers as easy as possible but it’s still better to share with friends so you don’t have to duplicate efforts. We’ve added an import and export feature for Advanced Timers. Here’s how you use it. 

  1. Set your timer settings.
  2. Click the ‘Export Timers’ button.
  3. This will export a json file. Save it to your computer, then email it to yourself, a friend or colleague. 
  4. To import those settings to a different computer, just download the file from your email and click ‘Import Timers’ on the Advanced Timers extension. 

When you import a Timers setting file, it will overwrite your current settings, so make sure you only upload a file that is more complete than your current settings.

If you have Advanced Timers, you will not see the icon for Basic Timers because the Advanced Timers icon will override it.


If you know you’ve set a timer but it’s not showing, you might have a bad timer setting in there. You should delete all of your timers on that page and just do the settings again, or you can delete one at a time, starting at the top, until the bad setting is gone and the timer works again. Here are the steps to take:

  1.  Go the to page that has the timer that’s ‘broken’
  2. Click on your timer (or advanced timer) icon 
  3. Click the “x” next to the existing settings you already have. 
  4. Now reset the timer again.
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