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New Extension - Decision Assistant

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New Extension – Decision Assistant

Insomniac Browsers Decision Assistant provides an easy way to manage your team. Whether you have a few buyers or a few hundred buyers and a dozen managers. Buy better tickets, save time, make your buyers lives way easier with Decision Assistant. Decision Assistant offers deep analytics into your buying operation, you can analyze a rich dataset consisting of more than 40 data points on every pull.

  • Extension Features. (Buyers)
    • Buyers (are supposed to) receive notifications on everything the extension does so they know whether a manager received their pull or if the extension ran into an issue.
    • If the ticket details are sent successfully to the server, but no manager has received the details, it will indicate that until the details are loaded into a manager’s decisions panel to give better visibility into what’s going on over the server.
    • Yes/No decisions are clearly displayed in the top left of the screen once they are received.
    • Tab icons are changed to have status colors that indicate the following: waiting for decision, no connection, issue occurred, yes, and no.
      • This will help buyers detect what tabs they need to go to and what they need to do at a glance while going to pull more tickets.
  • App Decisions Features. (Managers/Admins)
    • Reviewing decisions.
      • Ability to see all the core details about the ticket, the event, venue, the tickets’ location, price points, and a mini map image.
      • Additional information is available on the # of tickets, ticket types, and # of tickets remaining for each price point.
        • The stats for the # of tickets remaining, categorized by ticket types using a classification system we developed to try to differentiate plat vs standard tickets. It shows the # of tickets and price points remaining. When you click the header for them, it opens a modal that shows a more detailed breakdown.
      • Information is designed to be easy to digest and easily actionable.
      • Unread count badge / tab title flashing to grab attention when you’re away from the tab as new decisions come in.
    • Sending decisions.
      • Send yes/no decisions directly to your buyer’s browser.
      • Receive confirmations that your decision was received by your puller in less than 150ms.
  • App User Management Features. (Admin)
    • Easily manage your team’s access to your organization. Grant access, revoke access, and remove users when they’re no longer working with your team.
  • Analytics Features. (Admin)
    • Buyer history page.
      • You can see the history of all the carts a buyer made including advanced analytics such as the outcome of the cart: did the puller close the tab? Did it time out? Did they navigate elsewhere? Or did they complete the purchase?
    • Pull Reports
      • Generate custom reports for the current day, past 24 hours, weekly, monthly, or all-time activity. This report allows brokers to review more than 40 data points on every pull in excel and filter the data however they’d like.
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