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Gmail Switcher

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Gmail Switcher

The Gmail Switcher is an extension that is available to Edge and Ultimate members as well as people who have individual licenses grandfathered. For people who have multiple gmail accounts they need to access frequently throughout the day, it lets you automatically log out of one Gmail account and into another with one click.

To use Gmail Switcher:

Load Your Gmail Addresses

Please note, you can have up to five Gmail addresses active in your settings at any given time.

You can load your gmail addresses manually, one-by-one, or simply upload a csv file. Instructions for both methods are below.

Manual Loading (one-by-one)

  1. Click the Gmail Switcher Extension Icon
  2. Click add / edit accounts
  3. Enter your gmail account email address and password (this information is stored securely on your computer and never passed on to our servers)
  4. Click save and test to make sure the credentials are correct.
  5. Repeat to add your other Gmail accounts.

Bulk Uploading

  1. Open a blank csv file from Excel or your favorite spreadsheet program.
  2. In the first column, type your gmail account email address.
  3. In the second column, type the corresponding account password.
  4. Note, there should be no column headers in this file.
  5. Save the file as a CSV. (.xls, .xlsx won’t work. It must be .csv)
  6. Upload it from the ‘Add / Edit Accounts’ settings page.

Auto-Login to Gmail

  1. Click the Gmail Switcher extension
  2. Click one of the buttons to log yourself in to a new account.

When you switch accounts all Gmail and Google cookies will be deleted from your global cookie jar and your log in will work.

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