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Why aren't my extensions showing?

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Why aren’t my extensions showing?

To troubleshoot this, you’ll need to try a few steps:

  1. First try clicking the right side of the URL bar and just sliding it left. Sometimes your URL bar is just set to a very wide size so it hides the extensions.
  2. Next go to Menu–>Extensions and make sure your extensions are enabled. Try checking the boxes. If you get a message, saying you need a license, then continue to the next step.
  3. Go to the Account Page and see if you have any licenses available that are not assigned. Assign them if you have them available.
  4. Next, check your Account–>Order History page. You may have had a payment fail and if you do it will show there along with a button to complete your payment. Please complete it (Visa and MC only – no AMEX), then assign the license to the use you want to have it.

If none of these help, please contact us with the following information:

  1. The username you want to give access to.
  2. The username that purchased the subscription.
  3. the extensions that are missing.
  4. the subscription ID and subscription status (pending, processsing, etc) for the product that is missing. You can get the ID and status from your Account–>Subscriptions page.

If you fail to provide the above information in your request we will send you back to this page, so please provide it all.

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