Have You Checked the Support Portal First?

  • 90% of the questions we receive have already been answered in the support portal. Please check there first.
  • Support hours are Monday through Friday, 10-4 MST. The more detailed your information, the faster we can get you an answer.
  • All account questions (price, renewal dates, past invoices, etc) are in your account page under the Subscriptions and order history tabs. Please check there first.

We support the following topics

  • Issues with browser and extension installation.
  • Account issues like subscriptions, upgrades, managing your account and licenses.
  • Issues with our extensions.
  • Questions about how to best achieve multi-session browsing.

We do not support the following topics

  • Any questions about how to organize or run your business or industry practices.
  • Issues that you are having with your computer that do not relate to the browser including products you've purchased from other companies.
  • Any questions related to specific web sites.
  • Any questions designed to circumvent security measures or purchasing limits on any web sites.
  • Any questions designed to abuse the browser for illegal purposes.

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