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Support Policies

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Support Policies

Our support policies are designed to balance helping our entire user base. We will always address the most widespread issues first.

What We Support

The primary issues we support are

  1. Our browser, then our extensions
  2. Integrations (for example proxy integrations) are limited to our end. For general support on other companies products, please contact that company.
  3. Strategies for how to use the browser to avoid common issues.

What We Don’t Support

  1. Other company’s products.
  2. General ‘Help me get the most out of the browser’ questions. We provide a lot of information in the documentation but cannot repeat it for each individual user. Further your strategy will depend largely on your setup – your computer, your proxies, etc. Just like pricing, optimizing your experience is up to learning about the browser and experimenting with different approaches.
  3. We cannot support device error issues if you are not willing to use appropriate proxies. There are many factors that affect device errors and your IP address is one of the main ones. If you are not willing to help yourself with a good proxy solution, this becomes an impossible support task for us.
  4. Issues with your computer. Download and installation works in general. You may need to manage your firewalls and anti-virus software. Further out of date OS versions or computers that might have a bunch of viruses cannot be our responsibility. You may need to hire a local computer tech to fix your computer issues.

How We Support

We do not have phone support. To receive support, please do a documentation search if you need immediate assistance. It’s rare that we get questions that have not be covered in the documentation already.

We have a general documentation section that describes everything about how to use the browser including all extensions and some tips for different strategies you can try. However, you will also want to be familiar with the top section, which shows Known Issues, Resolved Issues and Feature Requests so you will always have up-to-the-minute advice when things are going awry.

If the relevant articles do not answer your question, please submit a report from the contact form on the page you looked on.

When you submit a report through the documentation page our developers see it immediately and can start working on it right away. If you just send a one-off email it goes to a different inbox and will need to be manually approved before it’s sent off. The reason for this is to discourage one-off emails from people who have not looked at the the Known Issues section of the documentation page. Taking 3 minutes to update yourself before sending a report will allow you to send a much more helpful report, so please, help us help you by checking known issues first.

For issues that are affecting our entire user base, we cannot email everyone responses. Please watch the ‘known issues’ section of the docs page for updates. We will update that page as soon as we have it. Please do not email to say ‘I know you said x, but can you tell me the solution’. The Known Issues section has the latest information.

However, it’s always helpful to get reports. Please use the Known Issues form to submit a report if you have information that is helpful to assessing why or under what conditions something might be happening.

Documentation Search

You can search the documentation by typing a keyword like ‘device error’, ‘captcha’ or ‘missing license’. You can also type out a full question but keywords will likely get you to your answer faster.

To contact us, you must first do a search and look for the most relevant articles. If an article does not have an answer you need, you will find a contact for at the bottom of the email.

Our regular documentation has all of the information you need to use the browser, but it may be superseded by the top section ‘known issues’. Anytime an issue is reported that we deem to be a valid report, we’ll publish it in the known issues and update it frequently. Please do not email to ask for updates about known issues. It prevents us from dedicating the resources necessary to actually address the problem. All issues will be updated immediately when we have something new to report.

Reporting Issues

In the past couple of years it has become obvious that your computer settings can affect your experience on the browser. We test on many computers, but cannot always replicate our users’ experience exactly so your reports are critical in helping us assess and fix issues.

Therefore good reports are very important.

Bad Reports

More often than we would like we get reports that indicate a problem but don’t help us solve the problem.

  • “I got shut out for event x!”
  • My browser doesn’t work’; I have errors all over the place!
  • I tried buying something but got an error.
  • I keep getting blocked!

These don’t tell us what’s going on. There are many errors that could show up on the internet. Half the time we don’t know if users reporting like this are getting errors logging into the browser or trying to buy something. So, help us help you by filling out the Issue report form completely.

Good Reports

None of these help us understand what’s going on so there’s not much we can do to help you. A good report is one that answers all of the questions we ask in the form attached to each issue or article in the documentation and provides any extra details about your computer, proxies, process that might cause an issue on your computer.

Even if all of your friends have an issue it’s rare that our entire user base is experiencing it the same way or with the same frequency as you, so your reports are critical.

So, if you want a solution for your setup – you need to provide a good report.

Support Hours

When email replies are necessary, our support hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST. This generally means we are not able to respond to morning emails until after a standard morning work shift. Please keep this in mind and try to provide complete reports with a lot of detail on the first try so we can get back to you sooner.

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