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Insomniac Browser is available on a monthly or discounted annual basis. Subscribing annually also makes you eligible for Edge!

Most of our users (about 75%) choose an Annual License + Edge, which can easily pay for itself in about two days.

Insomniac Browser Monthly

Monthly subscriptions let you try Edge for a low price but you will not be eligible for the extremely popular Edge program.

From: $129 / month Select options

Insomniac Browser Annual

Save $100s-$1,000s every year by going annual, plus become Edge eligible!

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Add Edge to really boost your game!


Edge Extension Bundle

Edge - Get EVERY extension for one low price!

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Pricing FAQ


Q: How do you decide the prices? 

We want to make sure the browser pays for itself. For a monthly license, it generally takes an hour for it to do that. For an annual license plus Edge Membership, it generally takes 1-2 days to earn back the full amount you’ve paid for the year. We feel this philosophy allows us to continue to provide an excellent product while also keeping the investment very low risk for our customers. We instituted escalating pricing in 2015, but we are still well within ensuring the browser pays for itself very quickly.

Q: What is escalating Pricing?

Insomniac Browser uses ‘Escalating Pricing’. Only a certain number of licenses are sold at each price level, then the price permanently goes up.

Q: Will my price increase in the future? 

No. Once you sign up for a new license above, that’s your price for the licenses you purchased. As long as you keep your licenses going without cancellation, you can keep that price. New licenses will use the pricing available at the time in the future that you purchase them, but that will not affect your active subscriptions.

Q: Can I get a trial?

No, sorry. We rarely do trials at the request of our users. They don’t want the competition and we don’t blame them.

Q: How do I know it works?

Most of our customers come from word of mouth. We have well over 1,000 customers, have been around for 10 years and our renewal rate during that time is over 95%. That speaks for itself, but you can also ask around in your industry forums. (Just be aware, a lot of our users have actually asked us to increase the price and stop selling it to new customers, so don’t be surprised if not everyone is forthcoming).

Q: How about a little discount?

Any discounts currently available are already listed above. If there is not a sale price listed, there is no discount available.

Q: Can I get a bulk discount?

Yes. Bulk discounts start at around 15 to 20 licneses, depending on the product, and are already baked into the the web site. Just select a quantity through the links above and you will see any available discounts.

Q: Can I get my old rate on a new license? 

No, sorry. We’ve given a few “last chance” offers to do this in the past. If you passed up on it those times, the opportunity is gone. Escalating pricing applies to all NEW license regardless of what other licenses you may have or length of time as a customer. There are simply no exceptions to the pricing above.

Q: What if I have a grandfathered monthly rate? Can I get that on a new annual license? 

No, sorry. We’ve given a few last chance offers to do this in the past as well. If you passed them up then, the opportunity is gone. Escalating pricing applies to all NEW license regardless of you monthly licesne price.