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Insomniac Browser License Options

We offer monthly and discounted annual plans. Click 'Select Options' to the left to get started.

All plans come with:

  • Premium Support
  • Access to Insomniac University, our detailed video training course
  • Insomniac for Chrome - our free Chrome extension that you can use in addition to the browser.
  • Ability to use the browser on multiple computers*

*Each license is portable - it can be used on multiple computers, but to use it simultaneously on two computers, for example, you would need two licenses.

You can upgrade your monthly membership to an annual membership at any time, however, if the price goes up, the upgrade will be at the higher price. (What is escalating pricing?)

More Pricing FAQ

Q: How do you decide the prices? 

Insomniac is a substantial investment - and so are the returns you'll see. We want to make sure the browser pays for itself. For a monthly license, it generally takes less than a day of using it to pay for itself. For an annual license plus Edge Membership, it generally takes 1-2 days to earn back the full amount you've paid for the year. We feel this approach allows us to continue to provide an excellent product while also keeping the investment very low risk for our customers. We instituted escalating pricing in 2015, but we are still well within ensuring the browser pays for itself very quickly.

Q: What is escalating Pricing?

Insomniac Browser uses 'Escalating Pricing'. Only a certain number of licenses are sold at each price level, then the price permanently goes up.

Q: Will my price increase in the future? 

No. Once you sign up for a new license above, that's your price for the licenses you purchased. As long as you keep your licenses going without cancellation, you can keep that price. New licenses will use the pricing available at the time in the future that you purchase them, but that will not affect your active subscriptions.

Q: How do I know it works?

Most of our customers come from word of mouth so you could ask around. With 1,000s of customers over nearly a decade and a renewal rate during that time of over 95%, we're doing something right. 🙂 But if you really want to see for yourself, check our trial page to see if we have any active trial offers.

Q: Can I get a bulk discount?

We offer bulk discounts for licenses that are purchased at the same time. The discounts are already programmed into the site, so you don't need to wait to find out the price. Just select your quantity above.  

Q: Can I get my old rate on a new license? 

No, sorry, but if you are an existing user looking to expand, please send us an email to see if you qualify for any promotions.

Q: What if I have a grandfathered monthly rate? Can I get that on a new annual license? 

No, sorry, but if you are an existing user  looking to upgrade to an annual license, please send us an email to see if you qualify for any promotions.