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Insomniac Browser

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Annual plans are much cheaper per user / per month and qualify you for a huge discount on all premium extensions through the Edge program (sold separately). Monthly subscribers do not qualify for the Edge discount.

Product Description

We offer monthly and annual plans. To see pricing and discounts for bulk licenses, please select a monthly or annual term and select the number of licenses you would like. The price displayed is based on the term and quantity of licenses you select. Annual subscriptions are discounted over monthly subscriptions and there are bulk discounts programmed in to the form above. Bulk discounts only count when purchased at the same time. All plans come with:
  • Premium Support (we do not charge for support).
  • Access to Insomniac University, our detailed training course with videos.
  • IFC (Insomniac for Chrome) extension so you can shop in Chrome and Insomniac at the same time.
  • IFF (Insomniac for Firefox) extension so you can shop in Firefox along with the rest of them.
  • Ability to use the browser on multiple computers.*
*You can use your license on as many computers as you want, but only one at a time. To use it simultaneously on two computers, you would select the quantity 2 on the purchase page to get two licenses. Monthly plans give you a chance to try Insomniac for a lower get in price. However, the annual plan (selected by about 85% of our users) qualifies you for the Edge Membership – which gives you all of our premium extensions for one low price. You can upgrade your monthly membership to an annual membership at any time but at whatever the current rate is for annuals. If you do monthly for 8 months then convert to annual, the annual price may have gone up since your monthly started so we suggest you lock in your annual savings as early as possible.
Choose the number of licenses your team needs.
How to decide.
You need one license for each person that will use the browser at the same time. So, a team of 10 people using the browser at the same time needs 10 licenses.

However, if one person wants to use the browser on one computer in the morning and a different computer later in the day, they do NOT need two licenses. Each license can be moved as much as you wish, but can only be used on one computer at a time.

Purchase 5 or more licenses at a time and save 5%. Purchase 10 or more and save 10%.

Add the Edge Extension Bundle?

Get all premium extensions for one low price

Edge Extension Bundle

Edge Membership will give access to install ALL of our premium extensions AND any Chrome extension. Note that Edge is on demand-based pricing. The price increases automatically after a pre-determined number of orders so get in now before the price goes up. Once it goes up, it won’t be reverted.


Product Description

Edge Membership Benefits include the following:

  • Get all Insomniac premium extensions. That goes for all current AND future premium extensions. You get everything at one low price. (You can see them all here).
  • Special early access to new features (when available) before the rest of our users…yes, this is one of the reasons we called it Edge! You’ll have a special version of features that allow you to enjoy awesome new features and extensions for weeks or months before they are released to our entire user base.
  • Ability to install any Chrome extensions
  • A savings of well over $1,000 year vs buying extensions individually.


By purchasing this Edge Membership, the account you were logged in when you made the purchase automatically has access to all of our extensions and all Chrome extensions. Go to My Account and click Downloads to start installing Insomniac Extensions. You can go right to the Chrome Web Store to get those extensions.

You must have an annual license in order to purchase Edge Membership. It is not available to monthly subscribers.

If you have a multi-user license, you assign it to other users the same way you would an extension. Go to My Account, select the Edge Membership and add the user name.

Edge Membership gives you more features and benefits.
Learn about them here.
Edge Membership gives you access to premium extension add-ons that make your browsing even more powerful. It also gives you the ability to install any other Chrome extension. It's not required for proper functioning of the browser but it will give your ROI a huge boost. A majority of our users choose Edge. You can scroll down to see exactly what's included.
Edge is a discount that is available for Annual subscribers only.

Select a Payment Term

Get discounts of up to 35%!
Longer terms have more benefits and lower prices.
See the details here.
Monthly subscriptions are lowest 'get in' price for Insomniac but they are not recommended for long-term usage as your overall price is higher and you don't qualify for the Edge discount.

Annual subscriptions give you access to Edge and the lowest overall price of any of our plans. It represents a savings of up to 35% off your annual price.

It's no accident that most of our user base chooses annual subscriptions + Edge. More Power + More Savings = Optimal Return on Investment for you.

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$3.83 / user / day

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All Plans Come With...

Premium Support

Support is offered via phone, email, live broker forum, support documentation and training videos. Support is free.

Insomniac for Firefox

The Firefox browser extension version of our multi-session buying tool. It's a great secondary buying tool and it's 100% free with your subscription.

Insomniac for Chrome

The Chrome browser extension version of our multi-session buying tool. It's a great tertiary tool and it's 100% free with your subscription.

Multiple Computers Licence

You can download the browser on all of your macOS and Windows computers. Moving from one computer to the other is as simple as logging in!

Pricing FAQ

New Customers

You need one for each simultaneous user. So if you'll have three people buying at the same time, you need three licenses. If it's just you, but you want to use it on three (or 300) different computers at different times throughout the day, you can do that with one license.

Existing Customers

All new licenses for all customers are sold at the prices listed above. There is no special rate on new licenses.

Edge Extension Bundle Includes:

Proxy Per Tab

Easily our most powerful extension: Allow each tab to open with a different ip address! You can bring your own proxies or use one of our pre-programmed provider integrations for easy setup!
Read More

Duplicate Multiple Tabs Plus

Duplicate your tabs the quick way with preset delays between tabs to avoid errors and duplication when timers run out for maximum efficiency. Fast duplication means fewer missed sales on busy days and more submission attempts!
Read More

Check for Changes

Select any text on a web page and we'll notify you with sound, pop ups and email addresses when a change has been found. Save, monitor and turn on and off all of the checks you want to monitor. Highly flexible and powerful.
Read More

Gmail Switcher

Google gives you hard captchas if you are logged into the same gmail account over and over. Add multiple gmail accounts to Gmail Switcher, then change your logged in account with a single click anytime to help fight annoying captchas.
Read More

UA Switcher

Set any custom User Agent string in the browser to help confuse web sites that are trying to track you. Easily throw static by using different UA strings so it looks like you are using different browsers.
Read More

Advanced Timers

Set a tracker for any countdown timer you would like. We'll show you red, yellow and green bars on your tabs so you know when the timer is about to run out. Stop losing stuff from your cart!
Read More

Proxy Switchy Omega

One of the first proxy rotation tools available in any browser. PSO lets you easily change from one proxy to another in the whole browser if for some reason you prefer that to Proxy Per Tab.
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Cookie Cleaner

Advanced one-click cookie management. With one click you can clear cookies for the current tab, current site or just your Google cookies. Various uses to avoid errors that never should have shown in the first place.
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