Insomniac Ultimate

Choose longer subscriptions to save big!

Questions about pricing?


$35 1-day Access (Non-recurring)
  • Designed for targeting one sale


$120 Billed weekly
  • Total Annual Price: $6,240


$305 Billed monthly
  • Total Annual Price: $3,660



$1,460 Billed every 6 months
  • Total Annual Price: $2,920



$2,190 Billed annually
  • Total Annual Price: $2,190


What You Get

Your Insomniac Ultimate subscriptions comes with three great tools.

Insomniac Browser

Proxy Per Tab

Assign a custom IP address in each tab. We do not provide proxies.

Gmail Switcher

Switch from one gmail account to another with one click.

Advanced Timers

Show colored status bars on each tab to indicate the amount of time left on any countdown timer.

Century View

The Century View sidebar lets you see multiple tabs in an easier to read vertical format.


Pasties are like a clipboard for each tab. Save a pastie to each tab to avoid mis-typing under pressure.

Duplicate Multiple Tabs Plus

Duplicate your tabs the with preset delays between tabs to avoid opening pages too quickly.

Refresh All

Whenever you want, you can refresh all tabs with one click. Hit refresh all and your tabs are all refreshed!

Screen Recorder

There's something to wish to explain to your team? No problem, use the Screen Recorder extension to easily create videos inside your browser.

Insomniac for Firefox
Insomniac for Chrome

Pricing FAQ

You need one for each simultaneous user. So if you'll have three people buying at the same time, you need three licenses. If it's just you, but you want to use it on three different computers at different times throughout the day, you can do that with one license.