Insomniac Ultimate

Choose longer subscriptions to save big!

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$120.00 Billed weekly
  • Total Annual Price: $6,240.00


$305.00 Billed monthly
  • Total Annual Price: $3,660.00



$1460.00 Billed every 6 months
  • Total Annual Price: $2,920.00



$2190.00 Billed annually
  • Total Annual Price: $2,190.00


What You Get

Your Insomniac Ultimate subscriptions comes with three great tools.

Insomniac Browser


The following features (formerly part of the Edge Bundle) are all included with Insomniac Ultimate.

Proxy Per Tab

Easily our most powerful extension: Allow each tab to open with a different ip address! You can bring your own
proxies or use one of our pre-programmed provider integrations for easy setup!

Gmail Switcher

Google gives you hard captchas if you are logged into the same gmail account over and over. Add multiple gmail
accounts to Gmail Switcher, then change your logged in account with a single click anytime to help fight annoying

Advanced Timers

Show colored status bars on each tab so you know how far you've gotten in the VWR and how much time is left before your cart expires on each tab. There is no better way to manage dozens of tabs at once to get in faster and ensure you don't lose any carts.

Check for Changes

Select any text on a web page and we'll notify you with sound, pop ups and email addresses when a change has been
found. Save, monitor and turn on and off all of the checks you want to monitor. Highly flexible and powerful.

Century View

The Century View sidebar lets you monitor hundreds of tabs at once. It's the perfect Virtual Waiting Room solution
and this alone could pay for your annual dues in one hour!


If you need to enter multiple different passwords on different tabs that all open at 10 a.m., Pasties will fill
them for you. No more time wasting typos!

Duplicate Multiple Tabs Plus

Duplicate your tabs the quick way with preset delays between tabs to avoid errors and duplication when timers run
out for maximum efficiency. Fast duplication means fewer missed sales on busy days and more submission attempts!

Refresh All

It's 9:59:56...:57...:58...Refresh All tabs with one click...and you're in first! What could be better than that?

Device Switcher

Set any custom User Agent string in the browser to help confuse web sites that are trying to track you. Easily
throw static by using different UA strings so it looks like you are using different browsers.

Screen Recorder

There's something to wish to explain to your team? No problem, use the Screen Recorder extension to easily create videos inside your browser.

Proxy Switchy Omega

One of the first proxy rotation tools available in any browser. PSO lets you easily change from one proxy to
another in the whole browser if for some reason you prefer that to Proxy Per Tab.

Insomniac for Firefox
Insomniac for Chrome

Pricing FAQ

You need one for each simultaneous user. So if you'll have three people buying at the same time, you need three licenses. If it's just you, but you want to use it on three (or 300) different computers at different times throughout the day, you can do that with one license.