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Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts will help you navigate tabs and processes faster and often without needing to keep toggling your hand between the mouse and keyboard. In cases where one second can make a huge difference, we always look for ways to shave time, especially on repeatable tasks.

Here’s how you manage your keyboard shortcuts and the one we recommend every. single. person. uses.

  1. Click Menu–>Manage Shortcuts
  2. Find the action you want to set a shortcut for and click into that field.
  3. Now do the keystrokes you want to use to trigger that action. This will autofill the field for you.
  4. Note that both the browser functions and many of our extension functions can have shortcuts. Set them for anything you want and if you want more shortcuts, tell us what you need them for below.

The one we recommend everyone do is the next tab shortcut. We recommend using CTRL + Spacebar as it is a very easy shortcut to perform and will easily let you zoom through dozens of tabs in a matter of seconds to see which ones may have advanced further into the process for you.

Here’s how you set them.

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