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These terms of use were last updated January 3, 2017. The prior update before that was January 4, 2015.

By accessing this web site, you agree to and are bound by the Terms of Use. These terms apply to the use of the web site. If you choose to download any software from this site, the use of it will be bound by the terms of use with which you will be presented during the installation process.

You will be given opportunities to download software and extensions to the software on this web site. There is no warranty as to its availability or functionality, nor do we make a claim that downloading anything from the site will not harm your computer hardware or software or cause instability therein. Though all downloads have been tested on various systems, there is no guarantee there will not be incompatibilities with your hardware or software. By downloading and installing this software, you agree not to hold us or our employees, contractors or others related to the product responsible for any damages, monetary or otherwise, that you incur due to downloading the product.

You may use this web site for its intended purpose only – to learn about and access the Insomniac Browser and its extensions. Any other use is prohibited. You may link to this site’s home page or to any blog post in the category “blog”. However, you many not link to the download pages or any other pages on the site unless given express written permission and only for the purposes outlined in said written communique.

It is required that your use of the site and the software you download from it are in accord with all local, federal and international laws as well as the terms of service of web sites that you visit using our product. Unlawful use of the product is prohibited. By using the site and the software provided on it, you agree not to hold Webatix, Inc. or our officers, employees, contractors or partners responsible for any legal or other damages incurred if you use our products for unlawful purposes or for any other reason.

Terms Governing Your Purchase
Once you subscribe, there are no refunds for cancelled or downgraded accounts or for any reason. If you wish to upgrade your account to a multi-user license or to an annual subscription, we will give you a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of your initial subscription within 7 days of your new subscription.

The following are all true about your subscription:

  1. Because we use PayPal all charges have been authorized by you explicitly. PayPal does not let us just charge you at will.
  2. You are 100% responsible for all cancellations. This MUST be done via your paypal account. Cancellation attempts by any other method, whether via email, support ticket, phone or intent will not actually yield a valid cancellation. It MUST be done via your paypal account by the account holder.
  3. Not using the browser or extensions also does not qualify a subscriber for a refund. If you don’t wish to use the browser or be charged, simply cancel via PayPal to deactivate your browser.
  4. It is extremely clear during the sign up process that this is a recurring subscription. We note it and so does PayPal on their initial payment screen. Your subscription will be automatically charged to your paypal account on the anniversary date of your browser license or extension subscriptions. PayPal sometimes charges you prior to the actual hour that you signed up, so to ensure that you are not charged beyond what you want to be charged, be sure to cancel the day before the anniversary.
  5. If you cancel before your term is up, your account may be temporarily deactivated by PayPal. If this happens, just let us know and we can manually reset you for the remaining time on your subscription. However, we are not always available to do it right away, so we recommend just marking your calendar to cancel the night before your renewal date.
  6. In addition to the above cases, the no refund policy also applies to cases such as “I forgot”, “I meant to”, “I was on vacation”, “I wasn’t sure if I was going to use it”, “I only needed one license this month” etc. etc.
  7. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend any and all licenses for Insomniac and extensions if a fraudulent or inaccurate dispute or chargeback is filed against us, until such time as it is rectified.
  8. We may offer the browser at grandfathered rates based on the time of your signup. We will always honor the term that has been paid for but reserve the right to make changes to rates based on future subscription terms. This will never be done with your express approval.
  9. While refunds are generally not offered if for some unexpected reason a refund is offered for annual subscriptions, you agree that annual the value of annual memberships is realized within the first three months of using the browser and that refunds will be offered on the following schedule:
    1. If sent within the first 30 days of an annual subscription payment: up to 85% of the purchase amount.
    2. If sent within the first 60 days of an annual subscription payment: up to 66% of the purchase amount.
    3. If sent within the first 90 days of an annual subscription payment: up to 33% of the purchase amount.
    4. After 90 days there are absolutely no refunds for any reason.

Edge Memberships

Edge Memberships are annual recurring subscriptions that give you access to various benefits. The benefits may change at any time without financial reparation to users. Since Edge Memberships provide so many benefits and it’s impossible to track value added to any particular user, there are absolutely no refunds under any circumstances.

If you decide to cancel your Edge Membership, you may do so at any time. You will not be able to auto-convert your licenses back to monthly though. Normal rules for cancellations and refunds still apply.

Edge allows you to install any Chrome extensions into Insomniac but there is not guarantee that they will work exactly the same way they do in Chrome. We cannot always control how third party extensions work with the browser, so we cannot be beholden to providing support or advanced technical integrations for them.

Multi-user License Abuse

You may not sign up for a multi-user license as a group or with people that are not under your direct employ. You must be able to provide official documentation that your sub-licensees are under your employ or under contract with you. Basically, if your sub-licensee lists their tickets anywhere but under your account on a resale site or your own web site, they don’t work for you and should have their own license.

Phone Number

A valid phone number is required for all accounts. Failure to provide a valid phone number may result in account deactivation.

We reserve the right to change the terms of service at any time. Your continued use of the browser and web site constitute your agreement with the new terms.

This web site and software is offered by Webatix, Inc., 4630 W 35th Ave., Denver, CO. 80212