These terms of use were last updated October 1st, 2021.

By accessing this web site, or our software available through it, you agree to and are bound by the Insomniac Browser Terms of Use. These terms apply to the use of the web site. If you choose to download any software from this site, the use of it will be bound by the terms of use with which you will be presented during the installation process.

You will be given opportunities to download software and extensions to the software on this web site. There is no warranty as to its availability or functionality, nor do we make a claim that downloading anything from the site will not harm your computer hardware or software or cause instability therein.  Though all downloads have been tested on various systems, there is no guarantee there will not be incompatibilities with your hardware or software., that you incur due to downloading the product.

This website is made available for you to learn about and access the Insomniac Browser and its extensions and no other purpose.  You are not permitted to link directly to any pages unless given express written permission. We may revoke linking permission at any time.

It is required that your use of the site and the software you download from it are in accord with all local, federal and international laws as well as the terms of service of web sites that you visit using our product. Unlawful use of the product is prohibited. We are licensing to you the use of an internet browser, your use of our product must comply with all laws of the region in which you utilize the browser. Specifically, you are prohibited from misuse of our software including, but not limited to, by misrepresenting your identity, by accessing any computer, software, or electronically available information for which your access is not authorized or in a way which exceeds your authorization, or by circumventing a security measure, access control system, or other technological control or measure on an Internet website or online service or that interferes with the site’s efforts to maintain the integrity of that site or any online purchasing process.

Insomniac Technology, Inc. is not responsible for any consequences which may occur if you use our technology in a way which violates the local, state, federal or international law where you are, or where you have used our products.  Any use of our product which violates the law is a breach of our terms of service and may subject the user to forfeiture of their right to use Insomniac Browser.  Insomniac Technology, Inc. is not responsible for the ways in which you use our software, and will not defend you, indemnify you, or in any way be liable for fines or damage claims which may be assessed against you for improper use of Insomniac Browser.

By downloading, installing, or using this software or by using the site, you agree not to hold Insomniac Technology, Inc. or our officers, employees, contractors, partners, or others related to the product responsible for any damages, monetary or otherwise.

Terms Governing Your Purchase

Once you subscribe, there are no refunds for cancelled or downgraded accounts or for any reason, unless required by applicable law. If you upgrade your account to a multi-user license or to an annual subscription, we will give you a pro-rated refund for the unused portion of your initial subscription if you notify us within 3 days that you would like it to be cancelled and refunded. Since some people add subscriptions and don’t want previous ones to be cancelled, we have no way of knowing what you want to do without this notification.

The following terms govern your subscriptions:

  1. We do not generally provide refunds for any reason, unless required by applicable law.
  2. You are 100% responsible for all cancellations. This MUST be done via your PayPal account or via your account page on the site. Cancellation attempts by any other method, whether via email, support ticket, voice mail or intent will not actually yield a valid cancellation.
  3. Not using the browser or extensions also does not qualify a subscriber for a refund. If you do not wish to use the browser or be charged for a subscription, simply cancelyour subscription.
  4. As indicated during the sign-up process, this is a recurring subscription. As such, you authorize us to charge the payment method you have provided (e.g., Paypal or credit card) for the purpose of the auto-renewal transaction, and agree that it will automatically renew on the anniversary date of your subscription, unless, prior to the end of the current period of effectiveness of your subscription: (a) you terminate your account; (b) you cancel your subscription (as described in these Terms); (c) we decline to renew your subscription; or (d) these Terms are otherwise properly terminated as expressly permitted herein. PayPal sometimes charges you prior to the actual time of day that you signed up, so to ensure that you are not charged beyond what you want to be charged, we recommend that you cancel the day before the anniversary.
  5. Even if you cancel, you are still granted access to all products you paid for until the end of the term you have paid for. If for some reason you believe access has been restricted early, please email us and we are happy to help you. Since this is a technical issue and not a policy issue, having access restricted in such a way does not qualify you for a refund for unused time. Instead, we are happy to fix your access issue.
  6. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend any and all licenses for Insomniac and extensions if a fraudulent or inaccurate dispute or chargeback is filed against us, until such time as it is rectified.
  7. Subscriptions may not be transferred, rented, leased or sold. All Insomniac users must sign up directly through our web site or receive a license from their employer. We reserve the right to request proof of employment such as W-2s or 1099s to verify employment.
  8. While refunds are generally not offered, if for some unexpected reason a refund is offered for annual subscriptions, you agree that the value of annual memberships is realized within the first three weeks of using the browser and that refunds will be offered on the following schedule:
  9. If the refund is approved within the first 7 days of an annual subscription payment: up to 70% of the purchase amount.
  10. If the refund is approved within the first 14 days of an annual subscription payment: up to 35% of the purchase amount.
  11. If the refund is approved within the first 21 days of an annual subscription payment: up to 10% of the purchase amount.
  12. After 21 days there are absolutely no refunds for any reason, unless required by applicable law.

Google OAuth Scopes and Permissions

By using our extension, you agree to grant us permission to access your Google account using the following OAuth scopes:
These permissions allow our extension to access your Google profile information and Gmail messages to provide you with the features and services of our extension. We do not store your Gmail messages on our servers.

Data Sharing and Future Changes

We currently do not sell your personal information to third parties. However, we reserve the right to share your data in the future, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. By using our extension, you agree that we may update our privacy statement and terms of use to reflect any future changes in our data sharing practices. You are responsible for periodically reviewing these documents to stay informed of any such changes.

Multi-user License Abuse

You may not sign up for a multi-user license as a group or with people that are not under your direct employ. You must be able to provide official documentation that your sub-licensees are under your employ or under contract with you.

Phone Number

A valid phone number is required for all accounts. Failure to provide a valid phone number may result in account deactivation.

We reserve the right to change the terms of service at any time. Your continued use of the browser and web site constitute your agreement with the new terms.

This web site and software is offered by Insomniac Technology, Inc.