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New Extension - 2FA Extension

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New Extension – 2FA Extension

Queue-fa is a two-factor authentication (2FA) extension engineered to simplify and streamline
the handling of One Time Passwords (OTPs) in your Gmail inbox. Designed for seamless
integration, the Queue-fa extension activates automatically when you join queues and waiting
rooms on Ticketmaster and Live Nation. Upon requiring an OTP for login, the extension
efficiently retrieves the code from your email and displays it, ensuring a smooth and convenient
authentication process.

Setting up forwarding:
Queue-fa extension permits the attachment of a single Gmail account, which will be designated
as your Master Account. In order to receive OTPs from multiple email accounts, you must
configure email forwarding to your Master Account.

To set up email forwarding, follow these steps:
Access the Gmail settings of the accounts you wish to link to your Master Account by navigating
Locate the forwarding options within the settings and configure them to forward incoming OTPs
to your designated Master Account.

Add your master account as a forwarding address. You will need to get a confirmation code from
the inbox of your master account afterwards.

You can either forward ALL of your messages or you can just forward messages that have your
code in it by doing the following:

Do this for every email address linked to your Ticketmaster accounts.

Setting up your Queue-fa Extension:

Click the Queue-fa extension Icon.

Click the “Add a Gmail Account” button and follow the on-screen instructions to log into your
Master Account. Ensure that this is the account to which you are forwarding OTP emails.
Please note that our application is currently undergoing a review process with Google. During
this interim period, you might encounter a specific screen. Should this occur, simply select the
“Advanced” option and continue as directed.

Once you reached this screen, it is imperative that you allow us permission to access your Gmail
account by manually SELECTING the options shown here.

If you don’t select the “Read, compose, send” option, the extension will not be able to check for
your OTP’s.

Utilizing the Extension:
The Queue-fa extension is designed for seamless integration into your
workflow. Continue joining queues and waiting rooms as you have previously done. When an
OTP is required, the extension will automatically activate and provide its services to facilitate
your authentication process.

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