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Page Partially Loading

There are a few different types of failures that can be described as the ‘Page Partially Loading’. Please pick the correct one below to troubleshoot. If you are not sure which it is, please include a screenshot.

Captcha is not loading where it should

If you are used to seeing a captcha somewhere, but it does not load, please contact us. Minimally, we need a screenshot of the page where it did not load. Preferably, a video showing us the steps you take leading up to the issue.

Flash or some other graphic or image is not loading (not captcha)

If you have a whole chart, image or Flash object that doesn’t load – the page loads all the way up until you should see that chart, image or Flash object, then please try to disable hardware acceleration.

If that does not work please contact us with a screenshot of exactly what you are seeing.

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