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For nearly a decade now, thousands of Insomniac subscribers have enjoyed the benefits of the most powerful multi-session browsing tool on the planet.

With a 95% subscription renewal rate over that time, clearly this tool works.

And now, we're offering even more than ever. In addition to the best multi-session browser, you'll get:

  • Anti-fingerprinting measures for increased privacy.
  • Chrome reveals your real ip address, even when you are using proxies. We don't.
  • Insomniac University training course - video tutorials from the cutting edge.
  • Insomniac for Chrome - the free Chrome extension you can use alongside Insomniac Browser.
  • Timers on your tabs, presale password management, monitor 100+ tabs at once and more!

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Our entire team works on support to ensure a smooth experience in plain English. And, we don't charge for support. We just take care of you and your company's needs.



Insomniac University

Don't waste time training your team on another tool. Let Insomniac University do that for you! Topics on everything from hourly setup to the ins and outs of proxies. This will make you money and save you hassle.


Free Chrome Extension

Premium subscribers get exclusive access to our free Chrome extension. While Chrome extensions can never compete with Insomniac as a primary tool, you should use it in addition to the browser - double pulls, double fun!

World Class Features We Offer

Our free and premium extensions are what set us apart from the competition.

Proxy Per Tab

Every tab can have its own IP address without crossover - and it's rock solid. Do this with a Chrome extension and your IP address will leak and you'll get orders cancelled.

Avoid Image Captchas

Rotating Gmail account cookies minimizes the number of the same requests you make from each account, decreasing image Captchas.


Don't lose inventory that's already in your cart! See countdown timers on every tab so you know when your shopping cart will expire.

Web Site Change Monitoring

Ever want to be the first to know when a web site drops a change on one of their pages? Well, now you can!

Manage Hundreds of Tabs

The Century View sidebar lets you monitor hundreds of tabs at once. It's the perfect Virtual Waiting Room solution and this alone could pay for your annual dues in one hour!  

Rapid Fire Mode

Use a custom keyboard shortcut to scroll through tabs with lightning speed. Submit hundreds of new requests every hour without using illegal bot techniques.

Cookie Cleaner

New tabs have empty cookie jars by default. But if you get some nasty cookies after working in a tab, you now have a blazing fast way to get rid of them.

Enter Multiple Passwords with One Click

If you need to enter multiple different passwords on different tabs that all open at 10 a.m., Pasties will fill them for you. No more time wasting typos!  

The World’s Most Powerful Page Duplicator

Need to duplicate a tab many times? Want to open them exactly when the timer runs out? Duplicate Multiple Tabs can do that - Simple concept, mind blowing results.

Refresh All Tabs at Once

It's 9:59:56...:57...:58...Refresh All tabs with one click...and you're in first! What could be better than that?
Insomniac UA Switcher

UA Switcher

Mimic multiple different browsers at once so that web sites you visit can't link your tabs to each other.

Are you ready to start browsing the web faster, smarter and more efficiently?