Every Tab is a New Session!

Don't limit yourself to running one session in your browser window. With Insomniac you can run multiple sessions on any web site without using multiple browsers!


This is not the Bot you might be looking for.

Please Note: Insomniac is not a bot. You cannot use it to submit automated requests to any web site nor to circumvent security measures, nor will we ever implement such features.

Multiple Cookie Jars

Get a different cookie jar for each tab so you can run many sessions at once.

Super Support

We've perfected the technology of the browser so we don't get many support requests, but we are here to answer them right away when we do!


Insomniac is built on Chromium so you'll know how to use it. And with the Edge program, you can install any of our premium extensions or any Chrome extension you want.

Are you ready to start browsing the web faster, smarter and more efficiently?