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Every Tab is Like a New Browser

Tired of limited shopping, crappy Chrome extensions that give errors and not getting the truly best available? Welcome to Insomniac Browser - the industry standard for nearly a decade!

Browse quickly, decrease errors and improve both the quality and quantity of your inventory. As always, Insomniac is the only legal way to be the one who gets in first and gets in most.

And now, we've taken training and support to a whole new level with Insomniac University and Expert User Forums.


Super Support

Our entire team works on support to ensure a smooth experience for you and your entire team. And, unlike some 'companies' we don't charge for support. We just take care of you.


Insomniac University

Not all Insomniac users were on the cutting edge when they joined. But with easy to understand video tutorials, a dead simple interface and incredible tools, our users are the ones with the best inventory. Insomniac University is coming soon.


User Forums

Premium subscribers get exclusive access to our member only forums where you'll learn the real insider secrets to technology in today's complex landscape. User forums are coming soon.


This is not the bot you might be looking for!

Please Note: Insomniac is not a bot. You can't use it to submit automated requests nor will we ever implement such features. You'll soon find why you don't need to use illegal features to be at the top of the heap.

World Class Features We Offer

Proxy Per Tab

Every tab can have its own IP address without crossover - and it's rock solid. Do this with a Chrome extension and your IP address will leak and you'll get orders cancelled.

Avoid Image Captchas

Rotating Gmail account cookies minimizes the number of the same requests you make from each account, decreasing image Captchas.


See countdown timers on every tab so you know when your shopping cart will expire.

Web Site Change Monitoring

Ever want to be the first to know when a web site drops a change on one of their pages? Well, now you can!

Manage Hundreds of Tabs

Century view gives you a 'one eyeful' view to monitor hundreds of tabs at once. It's the perfect waiting room solution.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Easily scroll through tabs to resubmit purchase requests with keyboard shortcuts. This alone will let you submit hundreds of new requests every hour without using illegal bot techniques.

Cookie Cleaner

New tabs have empty cookie jars by default. But if you get some nasty cookies after working in a tab, you now have a blazing fast way to get rid of them.

Enter Multiple Passwords with One Click

Copying one password to your clipboard is easy in any browser. But what about when you need to enter multiple different passwords on different tabs that all open at 10 a.m.? Pasties got your back!

The World’s Most Powerful Page Duplicator

Need to duplicate a tab many times? Want to open them exactly when the timer runs out? Duplicate Multiple Tabs can do that - Simple concept, mind blowing results.

Refresh All Tabs at Once

It's 9:59:56...:57...:58...Refresh All tabs with one click...and your in first! What could be better than that?
Insomniac UA Switcher

UA Switcher

Mimic multiple different browsers at once so that web sites you visit can't link your tabs to each other. If you are just using a Chrome extension, they'll always know your tabs are in the same browser.

Are you ready to start browsing the web faster, smarter and more efficiently?