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Billing and Subscriptions

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Billing and Subscriptions


Please note that we do not accept cancellation requests via email, phone or mental telepathy. You must cancel any subscriptions you do not want before it renews via your account page.

  1. Go to Account–>Subscriptions.
  2. Be sure to log in with the username that made the purchase. NOTE: You may have made purchases with multiple accounts which means you may need to log into multiple accounts to find them all. 
  3. Find the subscription you want to cancel and click ‘Details’.
  4. Click Cancel for each and every subscription you no longer wish to have. Clicking cancel for one subscription will not cancel for other subscriptions.
  5. Note that two-user licenses, for example, cannot be split regardless of the rate. You can keep both or cancel both.

Please note grandfathered rates are gone forever.

Refunds and Credits

As is explained in the  Terms of Use, we don’t offer refunds.

There are no account credits except for subscriptions that used the suspension option after Covid. These credits have no cash value. The original subscription renewal/expiration date on all accounts remains the valid end term for the term you paid for, but your ‘banked’ time is available in the form of credits. The subscriptions tab in your account page will indicate which subscriptions are still active from your last payment and which are running on credits. When you cancel, you will get access until the end of your paid period.

Billing and Subscription Info

All subscription and billing information is in your account, including your current subscriptions, their status, cost, renewal dates and users assigned to you. Please refer to your account page for all information about billing and subscriptions. Here is a list of the menu items available on your account page.

Here’s what each option does:

Assign Licenses – this is where you assign and revoke access to your licenses to your employees and yourself.

Account Details – This is where you can update your password, email address, password and credit cards.

Order History – this is where you can pay for orders that had payment failures but are not yet cancelled and view past payments.

View / Edit Subscriptions – This is where you can change your payment method and view the status of your subscriptions as well as see which ones are running on credits and when those will end. It also gives you the option to cancel any of your subscriptions.

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