Need Great Proxies?

Of course you do! If you are not sure why, be sure to read about it in our user forum. The question is which ones to get.

There are a lot of options out there, so we've weeded through the crap and found the two solutions that we consider to be 'Next Generation' solutions. These are companies that we know and love and that really understand your needs.

Why are they Next Gen solutions? For a few reasons.

  1. Their networks are HUGE.
  2. They do a great job of protecting their proxies from nefarious use - no bots allowed, which means much higher success rates for people who are using them legally.
  3. They are residential proxies which are a lot harder to block. (If you don't know what that mean, read the fact sheet at the bottom of this page).
  4. They have the reliability, scale and non-detection of residential IPs, but, like dedicated IPs, you can still assign different proxies to different tabs. They literally built these solutions FOR YOU.

Both of these options have been tested by us (and them) to work with the Proxy Per Tab solution without IP address leakage and with virtually limitless IP addresses. They have also been supported in feedback from our users regarding speed and reliability.

Their proxies are really top notch and are also shown to reduce soft blocks, device errors, LN errors, CAPTCHAs and the annoying 403 Forbidden ban.

Below we've listed not only the proxies you should be using, but also the best plans to get them.






Benefits include:

  • Fast Proxies.
  • Dedicated support for integration with Insomniac.
  • 34 million IPs from over 130 countries.
  • Pay only for what you use. Your unused bandwidth carries over.
  • Enterprise level solution.
  • Expedited setup for Insomniac if you use this link. Just mention you are integrating with Insomniac and they will optimize your setup.
  • See also detailed written instructions and a video demo for Luminati setup.


Benefits include:

Proxy Fact Sheet

What is a proxy?

A proxy is basically an alternate IP address that you can route your traffic through. When you use a proxy the site you are visiting thinks you are coming from a different IP address than you are actually at.

The power is not just in having a different IP address, but being able to change that IP address frequently to avoid being banned or soft blocked and to be able to assign a different proxy to each tab and keep those proxies isolated to those tabs.

Insomniac is the only tool that has isolated proxy per tab separation and both of our recommendations above work brilliantly with it.

What's So Great About Residential IPs?

Well, residential IPs come in all different flavors. But with the merchants we have recommended above, what's so great about them is that they have pools of millions of IP addresses that you move between. This is more effective at keeping your overall browsing private and generally helps protect the proxies, when done correctly. The merchants we have recommended above do it correctly. Many residential providers either don't do it correctly or they have very slow proxies.

Further, residential IPs can't be 'detected' like dedicated data center IPs can. So they are really hard to block and are not likely to receive permanent bans. They are much better with Captchas and softblocks too.

Can't I Just Use My VPN?

For our purposes, VPNs are pretty useless. It will give you a different IP address, but it is usually the same IP address so it's not very different from using your regular IP address. If you want to use your VPN, go ahead, but you don't gain much unless you are banned right now and need to change IPs to get into your account or something. If you hit a site hard with your VPN it will be banned just like your regular IP address will.

Plus VPNs can be slower and more expensive than proxies, so they could actually hurt you. There is a myth that VPNs are more secure than proxies, but it is BS. VPN providers, just like proxy providers, have the same access to your connections and can do the same nefarious stuff if they want to. The providers we recommended above are reputable companies that are interested in building long term relationships. Other companies in the industry are fly-by-night companies that do nefarious crap, then just start up a new web site if their reputation is damaged.

How Can I Justify the Cost to My Boss?

This one's easy. Just ask. If they say no, ask how much the company made last year. They will answer you with either Revenue or Profit. When they do, point out that they are not measuring their success on 'Expenses' so why would they let an expense that has such a strong ROI get in the way of their profit / revenue. Anyone who owns a business will understand this.

Why are Proxies Important?

When shopping on-line, the sites you buy from can log your behavior based on your IP address. They can change how their site acts for you, or ban you outright if they think you are a bot. However, they are not always perfect at this so sometimes they ban you because you might be a bot even though you are not. So by using a different proxy on each tab, you spread your traffic out to avoid confusing them into this mistake.

What are Some Free Proxies I can Use?

There are none. All of the free proxies have been banned by sites that sell certain products on-line. You can try them, but you are wasting your time. They have not worked reliably for years now.

Ok, How About Some Cheap Ones?

Same thing. Cheap proxies are usually dedicated data center IPs. Most of them have been banned - though not for as long. By late 2016 or early 2017 all of these dedicated proxies were used and abused and their whole sub-ranges (a sub range is like an area code in a phone that identifies the server they come from) were banned in one fell swoop. You might find some that work here and there, but they will soon be banned too and with all of the errors you get with them, it's not really worth the effort or money that you are losing by using banned proxies.

How Do Proxies Help Me?

First, by using multiple proxies, you avoid the ominous 'Forbidden 403' errors. We've also seen evidence lately that they greatly reduce softblocks and checkout errors. They can also be used if you want to submit things like registration forms from different IP addresses.

Is There a Way to Avoid Using Proxies?

Sure. You can tether your computer off of your phone's HotSpot (or some other mobile hotspot device). If you get blocked, restart your phone to get a new IP address and pick up where you left off. A couple of problems with this method though: first, if you do get banned it takes valuable time to fire up your new IP address. That could be costly. Second, all of your tabs are still using the same IP address - by not using Proxy Per Tab you are losing the benefit of reduced errors that a good residential proxy solution provides and will likely see more Captchas too. Why? Because everything you are doing in your browser is running over one IP address and the sites you visit might mistake you for a bot. So you can try that if you want. But it's not nearly as effective.