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Insomniac Browser Monthly

From: $120.00 $99.00 / month

Get the browser that will make you more productive in all of your browsing activity. Insomniac is on demand-based pricing. The more people that buy it, the higher the price goes. That means once you get in, no one will ever get in lower than you. Order today as price increases are frequent and won’t be reverted.

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    Product Description

    Insomniac Browser gives a very familiar browser experience. It’s built on top of the Chromium platform (same as Google Chrome) so you’ll know how to use it immediately. The difference is that every tab you open has it’s own isolated cookie jar. So you can use it to use and log in to the same web site with multiple accounts from the same window.

    It’s a massive productivity boost and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

    Note that only a certain number of licenses are available at each price level. The price increases automatically when that number is hit and won’t be reverted, so act now!

    Please note that getting a monthly license does NOT lock you into any annual license prices. Annual prices are based on when you sign up – not when you got a monthly license. Annual licenses save you a minimum of 2 months free each year so you might want to consider grabbing that rate right now.