Dear Insomniac Users,


We hope you have been staying safe and well during these difficult times.  As you may recall, when the pandemic first hit, we offered you the option to suspend your subscriptions in an effort to reduce the burden of global events. Now, the time has come for us to end that suspension option and to reactivate those subscriptions. So, as of this morning, all subscriptions have been reactivated. 


Your original subscription expiration date remains as the official expiration date and will technically end on that date. However, any time you “banked” by using the suspension option - calculated as the time from the date of your suspension until the original expiration date or the date of reactivation if it was sooner - will be available to you in the form of credits and added on to the end of the original subscription period. Credits have no cash value and are of course non-transferable. Further, we have suspended all new subscription sign-ups and renewals.


We make this announcement in light of various changes in the industry, the current global environment, and the regulatory landscape. We may continue to implement necessary changes to our offerings as needed to preserve functionality while seeking to prevent misuses of the browser.


Stay well.


-Insomniac Team