The Browser That Never Sleeps

Insomniac has been the industry leader in multi-session browsing for over a decade. Our software will increase your browsing privacy, allowing you to work efficiently across multiple websites. In an industry where it feels like things change every day, you need a partner who will keep you and your team ahead of the curve when others are struggling to keep up.

The Industry Leader

We are the best multi-session browser on the market today and have been for a decade. Join us today and get the benefits of one of the most experienced teams in the industry.

Great Support

We offer extensive documentation and lightning fast support responses to help get you started and use the browser on a regular basis.


Top Notch Technology

Insomniac is constantly being updated to the most current version of the chromium platform and building newer and faster tools to help your business succeed.

Advanced Proxy Tools

Extremely easy set up of different proxies for each tab, allowing for maximum privacy when shopping on-line - even if you are not super techy!

We Offer World Class Features

Native Proxy Support

Assign a custom IP address in each tab. We do not provide proxies.

Queue Statistics

Insomniac Browser now collects queue statistics locally without sending it anywhere. Now you can easily monitor queue positions and position history. Click HERE to learn more.

Advanced Timers

Show colored status bars on each tab to indicate the amount of time left on any countdown timer. Advanced Timer can now track Progress Bars, Queue Positions and other Waiting Room statistics.

Century View

The Century View sidebar lets you see multiple tabs in an easier to read vertical format.


Pasties are like a clipboard for each tab. Save a pastie to each tab to avoid mis-typing under pressure.