Start Getting Better Seats Now!

Don't fall victim to ticketing sites giving you terrible seats when you ask for the best available. Insomniac helps you avoid this unfair, deceptive practice by allowing you to see multiple sets of tickets in multiple tabs, so you can compare them and decide which YOU think are the best available.

Finally - a fair shot for anyone to get the best seats - at face value tickets.


This is not the Bot you might be looking for.

Please Note: Insomniac is not a bot. You cannot use it to submit automated ticket requests or auto-fill your ticket submissions. It does not allow you to shut out other ticket purchasers nor will we add the functionality to allow you to do so - ever. That said, it will help you have a fair shot to get the truly best available tickets so you can finally get in on the good seats


Multiple Cookie Jars

Get a different cookie jar for each tab so you can see dozens of tickets before you choose which to buy!

Super Support

We've perfected the technology of the browser so we don't get many support requests, but we are here to answer them right away when we do!


The possibilities are endless once you start extending the browser. We can implement custom feature requests or most Chrome extensions. Just let us know what you want!

Are you ready to improve your ticket and seat quality?