Here are instructions for setting up GeoSurf Proxies in Insomniac Browser.

You can use the text instructions below or watch the video. There are a few steps, but that's because we've broken them down a lot. Total setup time is generally under 5 minutes. 

Get Geosurf Info

  1. Create an account here.  There are plans at $300 / $450 / $2000 and an enterprise plan. You do NOT need the larger plans unless you have a large team. The $300 Starter Plan should be just fine and you can upgrade when you need to.
  2. Log in to your account dashboard and choose Residential
  3. Choose country gateways
  4. Find the country you want (US usually) and copy the 'host' (see video below for full details).
  5. Make a note of the port number range (i.e. 10,000-19,999)

Add Geosurf Info to Insomniac

  1. Open Insomniac and click the 'Manage Proxy List' under the Proxy Per Tab extension icon.
  2. Export a sample file so you have a starter spreadsheet with the correct column names.
  3. Fill in the host (something like
  4. Fill in the ports. EVERY ROW MUST HAVE A DIFFERENT PORT NUMBER. Use any port numbers from the range they gave you.
    1. i.e. if they give you the range 10,000-19,999 you can use any port number between 10,000 and 19,999.
    2. Mix up the port numbers to give yourself some variety if you would like or look up specific cities in the city gateway section of their site.
  5. Add your username and password to the spreadsheet.
  6. Add a tag saying what proxies you are using. i.e. US 10 or New York 30. This tag can be anything you want. It's to help you filter them in your list later if you want to turn some of them on or off.
  7. Save your spreadsheet as a CSV and upload it to the Proxy Per Tab settings.

Advanced Setup

Country gateways are generally fine, but if you want to have a list of proxies that are for a specific city, you can do that. In step three of the first section, instead of choosing 'Country Gateways' you can choose city gateways and add ports for specific cities.

If you use this method, we recommend you use a tagging system like "New York 30" with 30 being the number of minutes it is sticky for. This way you can enable just your New York IPs in your Proxy Per Tab settings if you are buying something that requires a New York IP address.

Integration Video Demo