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UA Switcher

Set any custom User Agent string in the browser to help confuse web sites that are trying to track you. Easily throw static by using different UA strings so it looks like you are using different browsers.

$100.00 / year

Product Description

This extension is designed to help you avoid being identified when shopping online. It’s a great companion for Proxy Per Tab.

The User Agent string or UA string is basically a message sent from your browser to the web sites you visit. It tells websites what browser you are using so they can then give you the proper version of the site. Some web sites also use this UA string to try to create a unique finger print and track you.

By default, Insomniac’s UA string says the browser is a recent version of Chrome. With UA Switcher you can set each tab to have a different UA string automatically if you want. By using a different UA string for each tab, it helps confuse web sites that are trying to track you. For this reason, the UA string rotation option is the recommended setting.

You can also pick any UA string you want if you have a different strategy! This extension will help everyone using Insomniac!

To download and install the extension please click here from within Insomniac Browser.