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Roboform PC Version

Use Roboform, the classic password manager, in your Insomniac Browser!

Product Description

Roboform helps you fill out web forms more quickly. Stop typing your info in every time you buy tickets from a new web site. Just Roboform it with one click!

This extension is free, but requires a Roboform account (usually about $20/year). Once you have it and integrate this extension, you can do the following in Insomniac:

  1. Store your username and password for all of your logins for any site on Roboform’s secure server, then log in with one click.
  2. Store your real identities for when you need to quickly register for a new web site to make a purchase.
  3. Store some ‘fake’ identities so you can register for sites quickly without giving up your real information.
  4. Never lose out on tickets because you were fumbling through registration.
  5. You remember one password, Roboform remembers the rest.

To install the extension, simply click the links below from within Insomniac Browser. The extension will install automatically.

Windows Version
Mac Version

If Roboform changes the links for the download, the links above may stop working. If that’s the case, you can usually get immediate help by going to from within Insomniac and clicking the ‘Download’ link.

As with every Insomniac Extension, you need to download and enable this extension on every computer you use the browser on.