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Proxy Per Tab

If you are on Edge, go to the download page to install directly into Insomniac. If you are not on Edge yet, you can get all extensions in our store and any Chrome extension for one very low price.

Product Description

Let each tab use a different IP address with Proxy Per Tab.

Simply load up all of your proxies (you can add them to the settings individually or import a csv file). Then you can set the browser to randomly use a new proxy for every tab, choose a direct connection, or use your system settings?

Sound complicated? It’s not. The random proxy setting will take care of all of the proxy selection for you, so you can focus on getting your work done!


To install this extension:

1. Click here from within Insomniac and download the Proxy Per Tab extension.
2. When it asks if you want to install the extension, confirm that you do.
3. Do this on every computer you’ll use the browser on.

Downloading and installing it alone will not allow you to use it. Your username must be licensed, so if you have not purchased a license, you can download the extension but it won’t work.

If you need further assistance, complete extension download and installation instructions are located here.

Once you install the extension, you can click the extension icon to see set up instructions. For more detailed instructions, please use this support article: