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Gmail Switcher

Google gives you hard captchas if you are logged into the same gmail account over and over. Add multiple gmail accounts to Gmail Switcher, then change your logged in account with a single click anytime to help fight annoying captchas.

$180.00 / year

Product Description

Gmail switcher lets you instantly switch which account you tell Google, the owner of reCaptcha, that you are logged in to.

One click logs you out of one Google account and into another. It’s a fast and easy way to reveal your identity as an a actual human being to the reCaptcha service.

To install this extension:

1. Go to My Accoun.
2. Click “Downloads” from the menu on the left.
3. Click the Download Button for Gmail Switcher.
4. Do this on every computer you’ll use the browser on.

Downloading and installing it alone will not allow you to use it. Your username must be licensed, so if you have not purchased a license, you can download the extension but it won’t work.

This is not a magic bullet feature. It requires some ‘art’ and a lot of gmail accounts. Google may change its algorithm for how pictures are shown at any time and that might force you strategy to change. The best advice we can give you is:

1. If you get a picture CAPTCHA, switch your google account.
2. If you get another one, switch again.
3. If all of your accounts are getting CAPTCHAs, get more accounts and use them sometimes in normal browser so that Google knows it’s a real human signed up for that account.

Also, check out our white paper Eliminate Annoying Picture Captchas v.1.2