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Edge Membership

$375.00 / year

Edge Membership will give access to install any premium or Chrome extension…and much more. Note that Edge is on demand-based pricing. The price increases automatically after a pre-determined number of orders so get in now before the price goes up. Once it goes up, it won’t be reverted.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Edge Membership Benefits include the following:

    • You will be able to install any Chrome Extension into your Insomniac Browser. Unlock all of the power of the 10s of 1000s of Chrome Extensions, including scripting extensions, Mobile Emulators and everything else, in your daily browser experience!
    • Get all Insomniac premium extensions for one very low price. That’s right…get the whole run of our premium store! That’s for all current AND future premium extensions. You’ll never pay for a single extension again.
    • Special early access to new features months before the rest of our users…yes, this is one of the reasons we called it Edge! You’ll have a special version of the browser that allows you to enjoy awesome new features and extensions for weeks or months before they are released to our entire user base.
    • This includes early access to Proxy Per Tab – the only way you can assign a different proxy to each tab in any browser.
    • Easier installation of extensions. Since you will have rights to every extension in our store and the Chrome store, you won’t need to go through the checkout process to get them. Just download them straight to any computer you use Insomniac on and start using them!
    • First dibs, before the general user base, on any future promotions, discounts and offers.
    • Access to special content reserved for Edge Members.


  • Installation

    By purchasing this Edge Membership, the account you were logged in when you made the purchase automatically has access to all of our extensions and all Chrome extensions. Go to My Account and click Downloads to start installing Insomniac Extensions. You can go right to the Chrome Web Store to get those extensions.

  • Eligibility

    You must have an annual license in order to purchase Edge Membership. It is not available to monthly subscribers.

  • Multi-User Licenses

    If you have a multi-user license, you assign it to other users the same way you would an extension. Go to My Account, select the Edge Membership and add the user name.