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Cookie Cleaner

If you are on Edge, go to the download page to install directly into Insomniac. If you are not on Edge yet, you can get all extensions in our store and any Chrome extension for one very low price.

Product Description

For a little more than just $10/month, you can finally instantly clear cookies for any site. It’s great if you’re working on a web site and get cookie based errors. Cookie Cleaner will pay for itself very quickly. Get it now!

To install this extension:

1. Open this page in Insomniac Browser.
2. Click here to download and install the extension.
3. Do this on every computer you’ll use the browser on.

Downloading and installing it alone will not allow you to use it. Your username must be licensed, so if you have not purchased a license, you can download the extension but it won’t work.

If you need further assistance, complete extension download and installation instructions are located here.

Please search for ‘Cookie Cleaner’ in the user forum for instructions on usage.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

How is the Cookie Cleaner extension any different than me manually going and clearing cookies?
There are two primary ways.
1. This extension only affects the current tab. If you manually clear cookies you lose any tickets pulled in other tabs, so it’s not really a good way to deal with these errors.
2. The button is right next to the error so you can be searching instantaneously after clicking it rather than going through the settings to clear your cache then going back and refreshing the page and then pulling. By the time you do all of that, you could already have seats pulled using the extension.