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Check for Changes

Select any text on a web page and we’ll notify you with sound, pop ups and email addresses when a change has been found. Save, monitor and turn on and off all of the checks you want to monitor. Highly flexible and powerful.


$180.00 / year

Product Description

You can highlight any text or sections of web sites and get notified when the content changes. Because it runs on Insomniac’s multi-tab foundation, you can monitor as many pages as you want all at once. Notifications are given in the form of an alert bell, a browser pop up notification and an email alert. The pop up notification and the email contain links and the text that changed so you know what pages to visit and can get there quickly.

This is a major upgrade to your browser for any power user!

NOTE: This does not work in the background. You must have tabs opened for changes to be checked, but you can save all of your Check for Changes tabs to a folder and open them all up at once to always monitor them when you are at your computer.

You can download Check for Change here. Please be sure to click that link from within Insomniac Browser so it installs properly. Further, be sure to go to menu->settings->extensions and enable it after installing.

You will find settings in the Check for Change interface that allow you to get email notifications. Those notifications will be sent from so if you want email notifications but are not getting them, it’s a good idea to add this email address to your white list or address book.