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Advanced Timers

Set a tracker for any countdown timer you would like. We’ll show you red, yellow and green bars on your tabs so you know when the timer is about to run out. Stop losing stuff from your cart!


$220.00 / year

Product Description

Advanced Timers lets you track web-based timers on as many sites as you want. You can show a colored timer bar or a minutes:seconds timer on the tab so you can track many timers at once.

It works the same as basic timers, but with this Advanced timers extension, there is no limit to the number of timers you can set.

To install this extension:

1. Open this page in Insomniac Browser.
2. Click here to download and install the extension.
3. Do this on every computer you use the browser on.

Downloading and installing it alone will not allow you to use it. Your username must be licensed, so if you have not purchased a license, you can download the extension but it won’t work.

If you need further assistance, complete extension download and installation instructions are located here.

This extension works automatically. Just follow the instructions in the “Installation” tab and you’ll immediately start making more money and losing fewer tickets.

In pricing this extension we’ve consider two main questions:

1. How can we give you incredible Return on Investment? In our estimation if this extension saves you from losing tickets just once, it will have paid for itself for the whole year. The stress-free ticket searching and saved tickets for the rest of the year are gravy!
2. How can we support addition of new sites and updating of existing sites to ensure this extension continues to deliver? This is our most labor intensive extension by far. We priced it to ensure we can support the staff necessary to make sure it works over time, no matter how many changes are made by the sites now included in the Advanced Timers extension.