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Advanced Shortcuts

This keyboard shortcut customizer requires IB3 version or higher. Instructions for checking your version are below in “Installation” tab.

Product Description

Customize your browser shortcuts for all your favorite functions in Insomniac Browser! Keyboard shortcuts make your faster and that translates directly to kicking more butt!

Please note: This extension only works in IB3 version and higher. To make sure you have updated automatically, click the “OK” icon on your browser check the version number. If it is not or higher, your updates are stuck and you should read this entire page then contact us for help at the bottom of that page if you can’t solve it on your own.

1. You must download and install this extension on every computer you will use it on.
2. If you purchase this extension yourself, the username you are logged in with when you do so will have the rights to use it.
3. If you purchase it for someone else, you must assign the rights to use your license for this extension to each of your sub-licensees.
4. You can also have your sub-licensees purchase it directly.
5. Complete extension download and installation instructions are located here

After Installing the extension, click the menu button in the upper right-hand corner of your browser.
Menu Button
Next, click “Manage Shortcuts”
Manage Shortcuts
Next, find the function you want to assign a shortcut to, click in the input box and type the actual shortcut. You can confirm your selection by ensuring that the input box now reads what you expect. For example, if you pushed CTRL + r, it will not say CTRL + r.

The following is a list of default shortcuts set by this extension. These are just the defaults that are set upon installation. You can change any of them.

PC Defaults
Duplicate – Ctrl+D,
Reload – Ctrl+R,
Back – Alt+Left,
Back2 – Alt+2,
Back3 – Alt+3,
Forward – Alt+Right,
Open new tab – Ctrl+T,
Next Tab – Ctrl+Right,
Previous Tab – Ctrl+Left,
Show Downloads – Ctrl+J (Command+Shift+J),
Show Preferences – Alt+L,
Bookmark all tabs – Alt+Shift+B,
Add Pastie – Alt+Shift+P
Paste Pastie – Alt+P
Reload All – Alt+R

Mac Defaults
Duplicate – Command+D,
Reload – Command+R,
Back – Option+Left,
Back2 – Option+2,
Back3 – Option+3,
Forward – Option+Right,
Open new tab – Command+T,
Next Tab – Command+Right,
Previous Tab – Command+Left,
Show Downloads – Command+Shift+J,
Show Preferences – Option+L,
Bookmark all tabs – Option+Shift+B,
Add Pastie – Option+Shift+P
Paste Pastie – Option+P
Reload All – Option+R

In deciding which shortcuts to assign to each function, please keep in mind the following limitations.

Supported keys: A-Z, 0-9, Comma, Period, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown, Space, Insert, Delete, Arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right) and the Media Keys (MediaNextTrack, MediaPlayPause, MediaPrevTrack, MediaStop).

Note: All key combinations must include either Ctrl or Alt. Combinations that involve Ctrl+Alt are not permitted in order to avoid conflicts with the AltGr key. Shift can be used in addition to Alt or Ctrl, but is not required. Modifiers (such as Ctrl) can not be used in combination with the Media Keys. Tab key is not supported.