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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy governs your use of the Insomniac Browser web site.

We respect your privacy and will not share, rent or sell your email address or any other information you provide on the site, should you choose to provide it on this web site.

Information we collect

As is the norm for commercial web sites, we record and analyze traffic patterns on the web site with the help of third party applications such as Google Analytics. We track information such as IP address, time and duration of visit, browser type, pages visited and exit traffic. We also use cookies to improve the web browsing experience. This helps us improve the quality and content of our web site. No effort is made to link this data to specific user names, email addresses or personal data of any sort. From time to time, you may see opportunities on the web site to enter information into a web form for the purpose of creating an account, getting a free trial of our products or partners’ products or for other reasons which will be clearly stated.

How your information is used

Your personal information is used to help contact you regarding issues related specifically to your account and maintenance of it, information about our software updates and bugs, for promotional announcements and to contact you regarding trial requests and requests for other information you have requested. You can always opt out of any emails you get, but please be aware that we reserve the right to contact current Insomniac users, even if they have opted out of other emails, to deal with issues specifically related to an active or recently canceled subscription, account or PayPal subscription.

Information we do not request
Please note, we will NEVER ask you for your PayPal password. (We may occasionally ask for the email address you used to subscribe through PayPal so we can handle requests regarding your subscription, but we will never ask for the password.) Please do not ever provide your PayPal password to anyone who says they are an Insomniac Browser representative. If you receive such a request, please call our toll free number or forward the email with the request to We may, from time to time, ask you for the username and password that PayPal provided you for your Insomniac subscription. This is different from your main PayPal log in credentials and cannot be used to access your PayPal account. It is only there to provide a way for you to log in to the browser.

If you have any concerns about the privacy of your personal data, please call our toll free number of contact us via email.