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Insomniac for Chrome is a Chrome extension that allows you to replicate much of the functionality of Insomniac, but in your Chrome browser.

Because it's just an extension, it doesn't have EVERYthing. We can't control everything about Chrome like we do with Insomniac, so we'll have to live with some limitations. However, it is still the most feature rich and effective Chrome Session Manager extension out there.

Best of all - it's free with your Insomniac Browser subscription.

To get the extension, just open up Chrome and go to this page. Install the extension directly into Chrome from there. (Installing it into Insomniac Browser won't work - it must be installed into the Chrome browser).

Also we want to let you know that due to increased usage of the Chrome extension we're going to be making some cosmetic and usability updates to give you more functionality and better control in the extension.

Please read this page about the Insomniac for Chrome extension completely before sending questions.


To be honest, a lot of you will install it and know how to use it right away so you might try that first. Below is a video and more detailed text instructions in case you need them.


Do not try to use this if you have other session manager extensions installed. They conflict and your favorite websites won't work as you wish. You might want to open a separate Chrome profile and install just this extension in it. It will be faster that way and you won't have to worry about conflicts. If you don't want to use a second profile, just disable your other session manager plugin.

You can log in with your regular Insomniac credentials, but don't do it at the same time as you are using the browser! You'll log yourself out.

In mid-April we'll be releasing a new version of Insomniac Browser and the Chrome extension that allow you to be logged into both at the same time so you can use them simultaneously.

Getting Started

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Go to the Insomniac extension page and install the extension.
  3. Log in with your Insomniac username and password.
    1. Note the same rules apply. Your username can only be used in one place at a time.*
  4. Visit a site you want to use multi-session browsing for.
  5. Click the 'Use Insomniac on this Site' in the extension settings.
  6. You can now open multiple tabs of that site and it will act like multiple browsers.

For example, if you want to run 15 sessions of, you would just go to, click the Insomniac icon in your extension settings, then click 'Use Insomniac on this Site'. Like this:

*For Licensing Rules, please see the following.

Licensing Rules

Licensing rules are the same for the extension as they are for Insomniac the browser.

  1. You can use your license on as many computers you want but only one at a time.
  2. If you use it in two places simultaneously, you will log yourself out.
  3. You can use the browser OR the extension with your username, but again, only one at a time. Starting in mid-April 2018, you can use both the Chrome extension and Insomniac Browser on the same computer at the same time.


Timers need to be set for the extension the same way they are for the browser.

  1. When you see a timer that you want to track click the Insomniac icon.
  2. Click 'Add timer to this domain' then simply follow the instructions. They'll tell you to:
  3. Click 'Pick Element'
  4. Click the timer on the page.
  5. Click 'Expand' if you need to in order to get the minutes and seconds inside of the dotted line.
  6. Click Confirm.
  7. You need to do this on every page style, so you might need to do it three times per site or so. Once you do the setup for each page type, you won't need to do it again.

Due to limitations with Chrome's extension API, we cannot change the color of the tab or add a colored bar to it. You can get the colored bars with the Century View sidebar though. See details below.

Duplicate Multiple Tabs

This works the same way it does in Insomniac and in fact, the interface is exactly the same. There is currently no support in Insomniac for Chrome for duplicating when a timer runs out but it's coming soon.

Refresh All Tabs

This works the same way as it does in Insomniac the browser. If you click Refresh All Tabs under the 'Tab Functions' menu, it will refresh all tabs that you are using Insomniac on. It will not duplicate Gmail, for example, unless you have added Gmail as a domain that you want to duplicate Insomniac on.


Pasties work the same in the extension as they do in the browser. If you add them to a page then duplicate or bookmark the page, the Pasties will be attached as expected.

Century View

Century View, under the 'Browser' functions in the Insomniac extension opens the sidebar. The sidebar has colored timers to help you distinguish which ones are about to run out. The sidebar will also show you when a page title changes so you can see if you have been automatically sent to the next page in the process. It's an excellent virtual waiting room solution.


The biggest limitation with Chrome is that it does not allow for the use of multiple proxies in the browser at the same time. Many developers have tried hacking it to do this but none have succeeded in a way that is reliable or has performance anywhere near what you should expect. So our recommendation with the extension is to load your proxies into a Chrome extension like Proxy Switchy Omega and just switch them every hour, or better yet, every few minutes. Let us know how this is going because there are other strategies too, but this is the best one considering most of you currently have dedicated proxies already. The more frequently you switch them the better of you will be.

Remove www1

To remove www1 style pages, just right click when you see one and select 'Remove www1' from the Insomniac menu like this: