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Insomniac for Firefox

We recommend Insomniac for Firefox as your primary backup if something goes wrong in our primary browser. Please be sure to read these instructions to avoid common pitfalls. Some users have more success on some sites with IFF than they do with the actual browser. Some experimentation may be necessary to see what works best on your system.

Don’t use the Regular ‘Duplicate’ Tool in Firefox

Do not make this mistake: If you right click a tab and use the regular ‘duplicate’ function in Firefox, it does NOT create a new session for you. You just get another tab and it shares the cookie jar with the original tab just like any old browser would which is not what you want.

The Correct Way to Create and Duplicate Tabs

So, what you want to do instead is one of the special duplicate methods we’ve created. Please watch the video below to see how to use those methods. They are:

  1. Click the Insomniac extension icon then “duplicate multiple tabs”. (easiest and fastest even if you are only doing 1)
  2. Click the Insomniac extension icon then open a “new Insomniac Tab”. (Gives you an empty tab with a fresh ‘session’)
  3. Click the Insomniac extension icon then open a “new Insomniac Window”. (Use this if you have other stuff you are doing in Firefox, then use method 1, 2 or 4 to make new tabs.)
  4. Right click any page, then go to “Insomniac for Chrome–>Duplicate Multiple Tabs”

Video Demo

Here’s a short video showing you everything you need to know to make the extension work.

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