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Insomniac for Chrome

Please make sure you’ve read the instructions for how to install Insomniac for Chrome before going into the following usage instructions.

Please note that not all Insomniac Browser functionality is moved to Insomniac for Chrome and some features, like Proxy Per Tab will never work correctly in Chrome so are not ported. In some cases there may be lag in releasing features in Insomniac for Chrome. If there is something particular you need prioritized, please contact us through the form below.


Timers need to be set for the extension the same way they are for the browser.

  1. When you see a timer that you want to track click the Insomniac icon.
  2. Click ‘Add timer to this domain’ then simply follow the instructions. They’ll tell you to:
  3. Click ‘Pick Element’
  4. Click the timer on the page.
  5. Click ‘Expand’ if you need to in order to get the minutes and seconds inside of the dotted line.
  6. Click Confirm.
  7. You need to do this on every page style, so you might need to do it three times per site or so. Once you do the setup for each page type, you won’t need to do it again.

Due to limitations with Chrome’s extension API, we cannot change the color of the tab or add a colored bar to it. You can get the colored bars with the Century View sidebar though. See details below.

Duplicate Multiple Tabs

This works the same way it does in Insomniac and in fact, the interface is exactly the same. There is currently no support in Insomniac for Chrome for duplicating when a timer runs out but it’s coming soon.

Refresh All Tabs

This works the same way as it does in Insomniac the browser. If you click Refresh All Tabs under the ‘Tab Functions’ menu, it will refresh all tabs that you are using Insomniac on. It will not duplicate Gmail, for example, unless you have added Gmail as a domain that you want to duplicate Insomniac on.


Pasties work the same in the extension as they do in the browser. If you add them to a page then duplicate or bookmark the page, the Pasties will be attached as expected.

Check for Changes

Check for Changes has been added to Insomniac for Chrome and also includes the ‘Manage Checkers’ page.

Century View

Century View, under the ‘Browser’ functions in the Insomniac extension opens the sidebar. The sidebar has colored timers to help you distinguish which ones are about to run out. The sidebar will also show you when a page title changes so you can see if you have been automatically sent to the next page in the process. It’s an excellent virtual waiting room solution.


The biggest limitation with Chrome is that it does not allow for the use of multiple proxies in the browser at the same time. Many developers have tried hacking it to do this but none have succeeded in a way that is reliable or has performance anywhere near what you should expect. So our recommendation with the extension is to load your proxies into a Chrome extension like Proxy Switchy Omega and just switch them every hour, or better yet, every few minutes. Let us know how this is going because there are other strategies too, but this is the best one considering most of you currently have dedicated proxies already. The more frequently you switch them the better of you will be.

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