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Please see the following for updates on the latest changes.

Link Launcher v. 1.0

This was planned for release April 12 as version 0.0.12, but was released April 17 as Version 1.0. It is now pre-installed in the browser. See the details of this release below.

Insomniac Browser v.

  • Fix for crashes when opening many tabs from bookmarks.
  • Pre-install Link Launcher for all licensed users.

Link List / Link Launcher v. 0.0.12

We’ll be releasing a new version of the Link List extension at some point on April 11 or 12. The new version will include:

  • Link List is being renamed to Link Launcher. The extension icon will also be updated to look like a rocket. See it here.
  • We’ve added more garbage cleanup so now tabs with the following errors will automatically be closed and reopened: 401, 403, 502, page could not load and PTI with the email form. If you don’t want to clean any of these types of errors, please click here for details on how to turn that off. (Most of you will want to keep the cleanup in place).
  • If you don’t know what Link Launcher, you’ll probably want to. You can read about Link Launcher and see a video demo here.

Insomniac Browser V.

Shortly following the release of version and a couple of days to evaluate it, we plan to auto-update all 3.3.3.x versions to We will also update shortly thereafter so if you are on version please update the new version – if you have issues on the new version please let us know before we update on Tuesday April 16.

Version changes include:

  • Timers have been adjusted. We’ve reverted the gray back to green and instead of turning yellow at 1 minute and red at 30 seconds, they will now turn yellow at 2 minutes and red at 1 minute. Some users felt 30 seconds was not enough notice and we agree.
  • Fix for authentication via Slack to Chrome extensions – fixes TicketFlipping extension access.
  • Fix when re-assign proxy in a tab in cases where username and password based proxies are used.
  • Added delay of 1.5 seconds when opening all tabs in a bookmarked folder.
  • Performance improvements for kicked out of queue issue. Please note, this is an improvement only and not a complete fix. Still working on the rest.

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